Shutting Down War Criminal Allen West: KCRC Responds to the Call to Escalate the Struggle Against Fascism and the Alt Right

On November 2nd, war criminal Allen West came to the University of Central Missouri (UCM) to spew Islamophobic and imperialist propaganda. After anti-fascist actions taken by the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC) in solidarity with the UT Antifa 3, he spoke for approximately 25 minutes, visibly shaking. He had been scheduled to speak for 2 hours.

The idea for this action came from a few black and Muslim UCM students contacting us about the event. We had to respond – if Allen West presented at UCM unchecked, it would embolden rightist movements in UCM and nearby campuses; meanwhile, if we fought him off, it would frighten them and keep them away. Based on both our previous experiences with Trump rally in KC and other previous actions and our revolutionary goals, we synthesized a plan – shut it down!

We arrived at the event, spread throughout the room, blending in. People settled down, and Allen West began to speak. After five minutes of his imperialist horseshit, we took action. One member of KCRC stood up and started chanting “US imperialists, #1 terrorists!” (this was a slogan we learned from comrades at the ILPS conference in Chicago). After a few repetitions, another protester joined in the chant. And another. And another. The single spark lit a prairie fire, and the room was filled with chanting of both prepared slogans, and slogans that protesters thought of along the way – some other favorites include “no speech for fascists!” and “how many did you kill? how many did you torture?”.

The supporters at the event attempted to resist – they had expected some disagreement, but nothing organized like this. Unprepared, the only chants they could come up with were one word repetitions like “Trump Trump Trump” or “USA USA USA”. Supporters physically threatened to beat us up. One woman tried disorienting a protester with a personal alarm, but they just laughed it off, so she activated a taser and waved it at the protester.

As things heated up, we began walking around the room, chanting, and made our way to the podium as Allen West fled “for safety reasons”. Upon reaching there, KCRC led a chant of “Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win!”. We continued chanting there for a total of approximately 10 minutes, until security showed up. Not wanting to risk arrest, we left. Allen West returned shortly after, shaken, and continued speaking for significantly less time than he promised.

Outside, we had people thank us for shutting him down, including liberals that had previously condemned the event. People congratulated us for our bravery in standing up, and we explained our positions. We made a minor error here by responding to two requests for interviews. Once foot traffic died off outside the event, we decided to take a break and wait until the event ended. While on break, one of our UCM contacts informed us that the event had ended early – we headed back, but by the time we reached most people had left. We chanted on the way out as we walked.

The main theoretical takeaway here is that the mass line, once again, is validated. We obtained the idea for this action from advanced sections of the UCM masses, processed it through our revolutionary and practice to form a plan, and then executed it amongst the masses. This event inspired advanced sections of the masses not only at UCM, but in nearby campuses and our online presence. Furthermore, sections of the liberal intermediate who resisted the idea of such an action were drawn to the left, and came to support it, recognizing the necessity of direct measures.  Finally, we terrified the backwards rightists on campus, and Allen West himself!

Destroy US Imperialism! Destroy Islamophobia! Destroy Fascism!

Defend The UT Antifa 3!

Author: Red Guards Kansas City

Formerly known as Kansas City Revolutionary Collective

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