Free Dallas Now! Solidarity with Red Guards Austin

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Red Guards Kansas City extends our solidarity to our comrades in Austin, as they face repeated attacks by the state, and as they raise support and funds for their comrade Dallas, who is facing some of the most serious charges. If convicted, the comrade could face decades in prison. Such a loss would be felt by Maoists, not just in this country, but across the international movement.

Comrades like Dallas embody everything that a Maoist should strive for. He is disciplined and diligent and dedicates all of his time and energy in service to the people. He has never been under any illusion that a life dedicated to serving and struggling alongside the people would be a safe or easy one. Make no mistake, he is being attacked because he has given himself fully to the cause of revolution. This arrest makes a clear statement that a friend and servant of the people is, by default, an enemy of the state.

This outrageous attack should remind us of the fear this revolutionary spirit sparks in the enemy. They try to imprison us. They try to kill us. They try to delegitimize and slander us. Cynics would say that our cause is hopeless, but all of the resources the bourgeois state utilizes against our comrades in Austin reminds us of why communists are not cynics.

Our enemies probably imagine they are striking a critical blow to our movement with every prisoner they take. We’re sure it gives them a sense of power and security to know that they can take so much from any particular revolutionary. But these attacks only strengthen us. Our hearts break for our comrades struggling under the heavy hand of the state, but we do not allow ourselves to fall into despair. We are filled with rage, but we do not allow this to make us reckless or foolish. Instead, we are energized. Our resolve is strengthened. Our focus is sharpened.



Read the statement from Red Guards Austin here


Author: Red Guards Kansas City

Formerly known as Kansas City Revolutionary Collective