On the Necessity of the Formation of Serve the People-Kansas City

Through a combination of recent developments locally, primarily the heightening of fascist repression through ICE raids and the emboldenment of Trumpite renegades, and the quickening development of our other mass organization, Progressive Youth Organization – Kansas City, we have initialized the formation and consolidation of Serve the People – Kansas City. Based on our understanding of the city’s national and class composition we have chosen a strategic neighborhood in which to base our efforts and to sink the roots of Serve the People; Northeast, KC. Continue reading “On the Necessity of the Formation of Serve the People-Kansas City”

On the Occassion of the 99th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Remember October and carry on the struggle it initiated!


Today revolutionaries and the working-class from around the world join together to commemorate the anniversary and legacy of the October Revolution (October 25th on the Julian calendar, November 7th on the Gregorian calendar). This was a momentous event in the history of the international working-class movement. It swept away the reactionary provisional government, installed a dictatorship of the proletariat supported by the peasantry, completed the bourgeois-democratic revolution in the countryside by expropriating the land of the great landlords and turned it over to the peasants, and expropriated the large trusts, banks, and capitalists and put them in the hands of the proletariat. Furthermore, the October Revolution broke open the prison house of nations that was the Russian empire, finally allowing national self-determination for oppressed nations within the empire.

Internationally the significance of this revolution was recognized by the working-class and oppressed peoples as the opening salvo to the era of proletarian revolution and the decline of imperialism. From Korea, to China, to Ireland those oppressed by imperialism and capitalism finally saw the road out clearly for the first time. The October Revolution demonstrated in practice the general course for freeing the masses of workers, peasants, and oppressed peoples from domination and exploitation. It is this general course which has retained its importance today, and most importantly, the universality of the experience of the Bolsheviks and the workers and peasants of the Soviet Union in socialist construction should be remembered and studied today. Continue reading “On the Occassion of the 99th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution”

Shutting Down War Criminal Allen West: KCRC Responds to the Call to Escalate the Struggle Against Fascism and the Alt Right

On November 2nd, war criminal Allen West came to the University of Central Missouri (UCM) to spew Islamophobic and imperialist propaganda. After anti-fascist actions taken by the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC) in solidarity with the UT Antifa 3, he spoke for approximately 25 minutes, visibly shaking. He had been scheduled to speak for 2 hours.

The idea for this action came from a few black and Muslim UCM students contacting us about the event. We had to respond – if Allen West presented at UCM unchecked, it would embolden rightist movements in UCM and nearby campuses; meanwhile, if we fought him off, it would frighten them and keep them away. Based on both our previous experiences with Trump rally in KC and other previous actions and our revolutionary goals, we synthesized a plan – shut it down!

We arrived at the event, spread throughout the room, blending in. People settled down, and Allen West began to speak. After five minutes of his imperialist horseshit, we took action. One member of KCRC stood up and started chanting “US imperialists, #1 terrorists!” (this was a slogan we learned from comrades at the ILPS conference in Chicago). After a few repetitions, another protester joined in the chant. And another. And another. The single spark lit a prairie fire, and the room was filled with chanting of both prepared slogans, and slogans that protesters thought of along the way – some other favorites include “no speech for fascists!” and “how many did you kill? how many did you torture?”. Continue reading “Shutting Down War Criminal Allen West: KCRC Responds to the Call to Escalate the Struggle Against Fascism and the Alt Right”

Bury the Ashes

A Summation of the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective’s Experience with the Former NCP(LC)

As an introductory measure, we must self-criticize for not issuing this summation sooner. Only one member of KCRC had close ties to the New Communist Party (Liaison Committee) [hereafter LC]. The other members of the collective were not privy to the inner-workings of the LC, or the line struggle that was occurring, until Red Guards Austin [henceforth RGA] released their “Burning House” polemic. Once RGA’s polemic was released, we circulated it amongst our collective and our mass organizations, studied it, came to agreement, and unanimously decided – both KCRC (still in its formative stage) and our mass orgs – to immediately cut off any relationship with the LC. We then reached out to comrades across the country to gather information, determine the next steps, and subsequently how to move forward. The necessity of this summation was not discussed during these inquiries, it was first proposed by a trusted comrade in an informal online discussion. Until that point, no one in KCRC, except for perhaps the one former member of the LC, had even been asked about this summation. After the online exchange, we put in lines of communication with RGA, discussed this with them for some time, and agreed as a collective that we do have an obligation to summarize our experiences. Continue reading “Bury the Ashes”

The Midwest Is Red: May Day Announcement of the Formation of KCRC

*This post was originally published on May 1st, 2016.

Today we are excited to announce the formation of a new Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective in the Kansas City metropolitan area: The Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC). This is no small announcement as Kansas City has been without a Communist movement for some time now, other than Anarchist collectives the KC Left void is filled by the Alphabet soup of NGOs, Non-profits and otherwise “non-partisan” groups. How perfect of a day to announce the formation of our collective than on International Workers Day, the only holiday the proletariat can call it’s own. It is on this day where we walk in a tradition of those came before us; from the day the Red flag flew over Paris to the Red flag over Peking to the day the Red flag will fly over Manila. We are here to serve our role in advancing the world proletarian revolution. KCRC was in formation during the crisis that would come to later dissolve the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party and has weathered the storm to push forward and cast aside the corpse that is the NCP(LC) to form a collective, small at first, but with the mission to revolutionize, educate and most importantly mobilize the oppressed communities in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. We seek to form a rival dual power to challenge and overthrow the capitalist and imperialist system that is in place. KCRC seeks to integrate ourselves into and promote mass struggles, while simultaneously providing communist leadership, as well as when necessary create mass organizations to take on the task of building the tools and infrastructure which shall be the vehicle of carrying out the revolutionary tasks of the proletariat. Through the creation of these mass organizations, united under the ideological and political leadership of KCRC, the basis of the unity of the revolutionary masses, on which the construction of dual power depends, can be solidified. As such Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC) shall be founded on the following basis: Continue reading “The Midwest Is Red: May Day Announcement of the Formation of KCRC”