Nationwide Demonstrations in US Call to Present Dr. Sernas Alive

On November 2nd, the US Red Guards Movement coordinated a series of lightning demonstrations at Mexican consulates (Pittsburgh doesn’t have a consulate but still held a lightning demonstration) in five cities across the country in solidarity with our comrades in Latin America. Similar demonstrations took place in September at the Mexican consulates in both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Quito, Ecuador.

In Austin, comrades held their demonstration at a disorganized consulate that didn’t seem to know how to handle a basic human rights inquiry. Consulate staff in Austin admitted that they had never experienced anything like this. Comrades in Kansas City handed out flyers and posted their statement onto the outside of their consulate after the consulate had locked their doors. In Los Angeles, security at the consulate closed the entrance to prevent a large crowd, consisting of many mass supporters, from getting into the building.

We call on all progressive formations around the world to join in the International Campaign to Present Dr. Sernas Alive with actions against the reactionary Mexican state, and to popularize among the masses the cause of the forced disappearances of activists and democratic fighters.

Austin, Texas


Los Angeles, California


Kansas City, Missouri

Charlotte, North CarolinaRGC1RGC

Long live the defenders and servants of the people!

Long live international solidarity!

Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

¡Dr Sernas presentación con vida!

– Red Guards Austin
– Red Guards Los Angeles
– Red Guards Kansas City
– Red Guards Pittsburgh
– Red Guards Charlotte

Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

Comrade Dr. Ernesto Sernas García, a revolutionary lawyer and law professor in Oaxaca, Mexico was disappeared in San Agustín de las Juntas on May 10 of this year — he is one of the many revolutionaries and servants of the people disappeared by the reactionary Mexican state.

The U.S. Red Guards joins the Communist and progressive organizations of the world in condemning his disappearance and in demanding the presentation of Dr Sernas alive to the masses, poor peasants, and workers of Mexico.

At the time of his disappearance, Dr. Sernas—a professor of constitutional law at Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca—was in the midst of defending twenty-three Maoist militants of Corriente de Pueblo Sol Rojo, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization which is active in the heartland of Oaxaca. The militants were arbitrarily detained on charges of terrorism and carrying explosives back in 2015, and although they are not currently in state custody the revolutionaries are still facing serious charges that, if prosecution is successful, carry a heavy sentence in the state’s dungeons. The reactionary state power in Mexico is wielding the corrupt judicial system in an attempt to intimidate and destroy the revolutionary movement in Oaxaca; however, Dr. Sernas was set to present evidence in court demonstrating irregularities in the legal process and human rights violations against the twenty-three defendants.

As they have demonstrated time and time again, when they cannot use the corrupt police force and courts to “legally” neutralize revolutionaries, the decaying old-state resorts to extralegal means: using reactionary paramilitary organizations aligned with the big bourgeoisie and landowners to murder and disappear enemies of the state. Dr. Sernas’ disappearance is one of many cases of state-sanctioned violence against revolutionaries and progressive activists carried out by these paramilitary forces; since May 10 Comrades Abraham Hernández González and Rolando Crispín López have been murdered by similar organizations acting as the unofficial and hidden foot-soldiers of the ruling class in Oaxaca. Continue reading “Present Dr. Sernas Alive!”

Kansas City Stands with Igor Mendes and His 23 Comrades

Comrades and supporters of Red Guards Kansas City gathered on a hilltop overlooking the city to show our support and solidarity for Brazilian student organizer Igor Mendes and his 23 comrades, who were imprisoned by the reactionary Brazilian state. Read about Mendes’ struggle in detail here.



Lately we have experienced state repression of our own, and Comrade Igor’s strength and perseverance in the worst of circumstances has provided inspiration to help us carry through in this struggle.

As communists we are internationalists, and we recognize that Mendes’ struggle is also our struggle. A speech was delivered in the park, then flyers were distributed explaining why we were there, details about Comrade Igor’s struggle, and why it is important for us to take our duty as internationalists seriously. We plan to follow it up with more flyering across the city to educate the masses about Igor Mendes, his struggle, and the importance of internationalism.

To Igor Mendes, his 23 comrades, and the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction), we  send a militant red salute.

Solidarity with Igor Mendes and his 23 comrades!

Solidarity with the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)!




Freedom for Comrade Igor Mendes – Libertad para Igor Mendes

[Español debajo]

Note: This article originally appeared on Red Guards Austin’s blog. We are reposting it here because we are in complete agreement with the contents, and want to express our solidarity with and admiration for Comrade Igor Mendes and the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction). Kansas City stands with Comrade Igor and his 23 comrades!


Igor Mendes, son of the Brazilian people, fighter of the international proletariat, is not alone!

a slogan painted on the walls of proletarian neighborhoods all over the world.

Who is Igor Mendes and why do we support him?

Comrade Igor Mendes is a student revolutionary and Communist Leader from Brazil. The reactionary Brazilian state arrested him for helping to mobilize and lead the masses of people against the FIFA World Cup. He was criminally charged for attending a demonstration on 10/15/14 and recently sentenced to prison along with 23 of his comrades.  Leaders emerge in class struggle and Comrade Igor Mendes is such a leader. By honoring him we honor all 23 of the arrestees. Igor is a Communist and a revolutionary, a true son of our class.

In his own words he expresses that:

“I answer for a single “crime”: criminal association, article 288 of the Penal Code. Draconian law, whose new wording was approved in 2013 and used increasingly to persecute popular movements, especially those that do not lend themselves to being mere conveyors of projects of class conciliation.”

The Maoists of Brazil have been unrelenting in their class struggles hailing from the rich tradition of the Araguaia Guerrilla, an armed struggle that took place in the 60’s and 70’s. Because of the severe poverty and conditions where the police, military and landlords kill whomever they want state repression and white terror there are very high.

FIFA destroyed the houses of the working poor and violently pushed the masses from their own city to make way for tourists. The reactionary state treats the youth of the Favela as sub-human pests. Our city, Austin is familiar with how the rich and tourists funnel into our city and push us out, while calling our people “roaches”. Gentrification has devastated former working-class Black and Chicano communities in Austin, portraying a free-for-all to outsiders. Thanks to this voracious selling off of our city, Austin even has attracted its own bourgeoisie sports hustlers who are pulling a con-job to bring a Major League Soccer team here. They are scheming our community into handing over public land to build a Soccer Stadium for the US’s own rookie version of the world’s sport.

Police attack anti-FIFA protesters in Brazil

In Brazil, as outraged youth gathered in mass to protest the world cup, the state agents of the Dilma government, part of the so-called left pink tide, responded with reactionary violence and white terror to imprison the youth.  This phony “socialism of the 21st century” constantly shows its reactionary face. They are no different than that the reformists and revisionists of our country who constantly serve the bourgeoisie.  When in crisis, the bourgeoisie and phony socialists alike oppose the proletarian dictatorship; if you do not hit them, they will not fall.

All 23 arrested activists were sentenced to between 5 to 13 years in prison without parole for attending the anti-FIFA demonstrations. After going to prison, Comrade Igor was unwavering. In true revolutionary spirit he remarked:

“I will leave here more convinced that Brazil needs a great revolution!”

While in prison he has authored a book titled “Small Prisons”. The title references how capitalist society in crisis comes to resemble the large prisons more and more, with an even more acute ‘small prison’, which the masses and their revolutionary leaders suffer. His book details prison abuses and focuses on the struggles of the masses that are locked up. In an act of revolutionary solidarity, Comrade Igor dedicated his first book to the League of Poor Peasants (LCP). LCP is a revolutionary mass organization that operates in the Brazilian countryside to organize the poorest of the countries peasantry in the struggle for New Democratic revolution and Socialism.

League of Poor Peasants (LCP) rallying to defend Chairman Gonzalo of the Communist Party of Peru

Brazil has a long history of proletarian internationalism and one of the best developed and most advanced Maoist-led movements in the Americas. Their struggle is our own, as we are fighting on different fronts in the same war for our class—the international proletariat.

Igor has never once seen himself as a victim but as a revolutionary, he is a true child of our class. The revolution produces leaders and heroes and Igor is deserving of both titles. All prisoners face horrid conditions which breed a sort of miasma; to elevate themselves above this misery, the revolutionary must have unshakable faith in the masses and the revolution. To keep his moral high, Igor would write Maoist slogans on the walls like, “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win,” and draw hammers and sickles as a reminder of his revolutionary commitment and as a statement of defiance to the prison authorities.

The US Maoist movement is familiar with state repression and the targeting of revolutionaries, we have seen incredible support for our own Comrade Dallas, who has stressed to our movement the need for continued struggle and a refusal to capitulate in the dungeons of the state.  From Austin to Brazil, we are one struggle.  We must all show our gratitude for the international support Comrade Dallas has received by honoring and supporting Comrade Igor.

Comrade Igor giving a speech next to some of the 23 comrades sentenced

While being a political prisoner, Igor has never sought special treatment and is one with the imprisoned masses, still serving the people of the class he lives and fights for. We have seen this same resolve among our movement’s best revolutionaries and recognize it as a true sign of the indomitable spirit of our class.

We call on all the activists and collectives in our movement to take solidarity action and to educate the US proletariat on the struggles of their 23 brothers and sisters being persecuted by the Brazilian state. It is disgusting that when Americans think of Brazil, they think of white sand beaches and clear blue water, forgetting the plight of the people. The Brazilian masses will one day rise like a tidal wave and reclaim said beaches and every Favela will fly the red flag as the hammer and sickle blazes from the mountainsides. The Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction) will initiate The People’s War and will forever change the face of South America as it marches shoulder to shoulder with other Parties toward world proletarian revolution and Communism!  When we think of Brazil, let us think of these comrades. Let us think mainly of Comrade Igor Mendes and let us make trouble all over the imperialist nation of the US  in his name!

Igor Mendes, presente en la lucha!

Freedom for Igor Mendes and his 23 comrades!

Long live the revolutionary youth of the international proletariat!

Long live international solidarity! 

-Red Guards Austin, 7/28/2018


Libertad para Igor Mendes

Nota: este artículo apareció originalmente en el blog de Red Guards Austin. Lo volvemos a publicar aquí porque estamos completamente de acuerdo con los contenidos, y queremos expresar nuestra solidaridad y admiración por el Camarada Igor Mendes y el Partido Comunista de Brasile (Facción Roja). ¡Kansas City apoya al Camarada Igor y sus 23 camaradas!


Igor Mendes, hijo del pueblo brasileño, luchador del proletariado internacional, ¡no está solo!

Un eslogan pintado en las paredes de los barrios proletarios en todo el mundo.

¿Quién es Igor Mendes y por qué lo apoyamos?

El camarada Igor Mendes es un líder revolucionario y Comunista de Brasil. El estado reaccionario Brasileño lo arrestó por ayudar a movilizar y dirigir a las masas en contra de la Copa Mundial FIFA. Fue acusado penalmente por asistir una manifestación el 15/10/14 y recientemente ha sido sentenciado a prisión, junto con 23 de sus camaradas. Los líderes emergen en la lucha de las clases y el camarada Igor Mendes es uno de ellos. Al honrarlo, también honramos a los 23 que fueron arrestados junto a el. Igor es un Comunista y un revolucionario, un verdadero hijo de nuestra clase.

En sus propias palabras, él expresa lo siguiente:

“Respondo por un solo “delito”: asociación criminal, artículo 288 del Código Penal. La ley draconiana que fue reescrita y aprobada en el 2013, se usa cada vez más para perseguir movimientos populares, especialmente aquellos que no se prestan a ser simples transmisores de proyectos de conciliación entre clases. “

Los Maoístas en Brasil han sido implacables en sus luchas de clase provenientes usando la rica tradición de la Guerrilla Araguaia, una lucha armada que tomó lugar en las décadas de los 60s y 70s. Debido a la severa pobreza y las condiciones en la cual la policía, el ejército y los propietarios matan a quien quieran, la represión estatal y el terror blanco se han puesto severas.

La FIFA destruyó las casas de los trabajadores pobres y expulsó violentamente a las masas de su propia ciudad para dejar paso a los turistas. El estado reaccionario trata a la juventud de las Favelas como plagas subhumanas. Nuestra ciudad, Austin, está familiarizada en la forma en la que los ricos y los turistas invaden nuestra ciudad y nos empujan, mientras llaman a nuestra gente “cucarachas”. El aburguesamiento ha devastado a las antiguas comunidades negras y chicanas de la clase trabajadora en Austin, representandoles a todos los forasteros que nuestra comunidad está en venta. Gracias a esta venta voraz de nuestra ciudad, Austin ha atraído a los que no viven aquí, Austin incluso ha atraído a sus propios estafadores deportivos burgueses que están haciendo transas para traer a un equipo de Major League Soccer aquí. Están manipulando a nuestra comunidad para entregar terrenos públicos y construir un estadio de fútbol para la versión inmadura de fútbol que practica los ee.uu.

La policia ataca a los manifestantes anti-FIFA en Brazil

En Brasil, mientras la juventud indignada se reunió en masa para protestar contra la Copa Mundial, los agentes estatales del gobierno de Dilma, parte de la llamada ‘marea rosa’ de la izquierda, respondieron con violencia reaccionaria y terror blanco para encarcelar a los jóvenes. Este falso “socialismo del siglo 21” muestra constantemente su cara reaccionaria. No son diferentes a los reformistas ni los revisionistas de nuestro país que sirven constantemente a la burguesía. Cuando están en crisis, la burguesía y todos los falsos socialistas se oponen a la dictadura proletaria; si no los golpeas, no se caerán.

Los 23 activistas arrestados fueron condenados a servir entre 5 y 13 años de prisión sin libertad condicional, solo por asistir a las manifestaciones en contra de la FIFA. Después de ir a prisión , el camarada Igor fue inquebrantable. En espíritu revolucionario comentó:

“¡Me iré de aquí más convencido de que Brasil necesita una gran revolución!”

Mientras estuvo en prisión, escribió un libro titulado “Pequeñas Prisiones”. El título hace referencia a la manera en la que la sociedad capitalista bajo crisis se asemeja cada vez más a las grandes prisiones, con una “pequeña prisión,” aún más aguda en la cual las masas y sus líderes revolucionarios sufren. Su libro detalla los abusos en prisión y se centra en las luchas de las masas que han sido encerradas. En un acto de solidaridad revolucionaria, el camarada Igor dedicó su primer libro a la Liga de Campesinos Pobres (LCP). LCP es una organización de masas revolucionarias que operan en la área de campo en el país brasileño para organizar a los campesinos más pobres del país en la lucha por la revolución y el socialismo de la Nueva Democracia.

La Liga de Campesinos Pobres (LCP) hacen un mitín para defender el Presidente Gonzalo del Partido Comunista de Perú

Brasil tiene una larga historia de internacionalismo proletario y uno de los movimientos más desarrollados y más avanzados de la América guiado por Maoístas. Su lucha es la nuestra, ya que estamos luchando en distintas frentes de la misma guerra por nuestra clase proletaria internacional.

Igor nunca se ha visto como una víctima, sino como un revolucionario, es un verdadero hijo de nuestra clase. La revolución produce líderes y héroes e Igor merece ambos títulos. Todos los prisioneros se enfrentan a condiciones horribles que generan una especie de miasma; para elevarse por encima de esta miseria , el revolucionario debe tener una fe inquebrantable en las masas y en la revolución. Para mantener su moral alta, Igor escribiría consignas Maoístas en las paredes como, “Atrévete a luchar, Atrévete a ganar” y dibujar martillos y hoces como un recordatorio de su compromiso revolucionario y como una declaración de desafío a las autoridades de la prisión.

El movimiento Maoísta estadounidense se está familiarizado con la represión estatal y el ataque contra revolucionarios, hemos visto un apoyo increíble para nuestro camarada Dallas, quien ha insistido a nuestro movimiento la necesidad de continuar la lucha y la negativa a capitular en las mazmorras del estado. Desde Austin hasta Brasil, estamos en la misma lucha. Todos debemos mostrar nuestra gratitud por el apoyo internacional que ha recibido el camarada Dallas al honrar y apoyar al camarada Igor.

El Camarada Igor pronunciando un discurso al lado de los 23 camaradas sentenciadas

Siendo un prisionero político, Igor nunca ha buscado un trato especial y es uno con las masas encarceladas, que sigue sirviendo a la gente por la que vive y lucha. Hemos visto esta misma resolución entre los mejores revolucionarios de nuestro movimiento y la reconocemos como un verdadero signo del espíritu indomable de nuestra clase.

Invitamos a todos los activistas y colectivos de nuestro movimiento a tomar medidas de solidaridad y a educar al proletariado estadounidense sobre las luchas de sus 23 hermanos y hermanas perseguidos por el estado brasileño. Es repugnante que cuando los estadounidenses piensan en Brasil, piensan en playas de arena blanca y agua azul y clara, olvidando la difícil situación de las personas. Las masas de Brasil un día se levantarán como un maremoto y van a recuperar dichas playas y cada Favela va a volar la bandera roja mientras el martillo y hoz triunfará entre las laderas de las montañas. ¡El Partido Comunista de Brasil (Fracción Roja) iniciará la Guerra Popular y cambiará para siempre la imagen de América del Sur mientras marcha hombro a hombro con otros Partidos hacia la revolución proletaria mundial y el Comunismo! Cuando pensemos en Brasil, pensemos en estos camaradas. Nosotros pensamos principalmente en el compañero Igor Mendes y haremos problemas en toda la nación imperialista de los EE.UU. en su nombre!

¡Igor Mendes , presente en la lucha!

¡Libertad para Igor Mendes y sus 23 camaradas!

¡Viva la juventud revolucionaria del proletariado internacional!

¡Larga vida a la solidaridad internacional!

The Midwest Is Red: May Day Announcement of the Formation of KCRC

*This post was originally published on May 1st, 2016.

Today we are excited to announce the formation of a new Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective in the Kansas City metropolitan area: The Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC). This is no small announcement as Kansas City has been without a Communist movement for some time now, other than Anarchist collectives the KC Left void is filled by the Alphabet soup of NGOs, Non-profits and otherwise “non-partisan” groups. How perfect of a day to announce the formation of our collective than on International Workers Day, the only holiday the proletariat can call it’s own. It is on this day where we walk in a tradition of those came before us; from the day the Red flag flew over Paris to the Red flag over Peking to the day the Red flag will fly over Manila. We are here to serve our role in advancing the world proletarian revolution. KCRC was in formation during the crisis that would come to later dissolve the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party and has weathered the storm to push forward and cast aside the corpse that is the NCP(LC) to form a collective, small at first, but with the mission to revolutionize, educate and most importantly mobilize the oppressed communities in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. We seek to form a rival dual power to challenge and overthrow the capitalist and imperialist system that is in place. KCRC seeks to integrate ourselves into and promote mass struggles, while simultaneously providing communist leadership, as well as when necessary create mass organizations to take on the task of building the tools and infrastructure which shall be the vehicle of carrying out the revolutionary tasks of the proletariat. Through the creation of these mass organizations, united under the ideological and political leadership of KCRC, the basis of the unity of the revolutionary masses, on which the construction of dual power depends, can be solidified. As such Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC) shall be founded on the following basis: Continue reading “The Midwest Is Red: May Day Announcement of the Formation of KCRC”