The 7 Requirements


7 Requirements Towards Our Orientation To Current and Future Maoist Collectives

As a small revolutionary Maoist collective in Kansas City that was in the process of formation into the NCP (LC) as an offical “branch” we recognize the importance of the project of building a Maoist Party in the US, where currently there exists none and also recognize that Kansas City cannot go it alone. However, we are not seeking to unite for unity’s sake and are setting forward a minimum criteria towards proactive orientation to any current and future Maoist collectivities to begin this conversation and process:

1) The actual formation of a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective/organization of at least 3-5 individuals tied in with provable mass work in some sector be it student, worker, tenant or community organizing of some sort as a prerequisite towards talks. We are willing to extend our help in any capacity in offering advice to scattered individuals as well as forming other Maoist collectives directly under our leadership whenever possible. We shall not orient ourselves towards individual Maoists in constructing a Party, only through collectives, accountable to the members of their individual mass organizations and the masses as a whole.

2) We seek to unite with Maoist collectivities and organizations that show an open willingness to engage in open two-line struggle and debate on ideological questions pertaining to building a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party in the US including the mass line, mass work, Maoist philosophy, proletarian feminism, the national question, the global situation and a thorough social and class analysis of the imperialist centers and the “United States” in particular. We feel that we come to higher stages of unity through approaching line struggle through the maxim of unity-struggle-unity. In the spirit of debate we are also for the collective and regular exchange of ideas pertaining to political economy, philosophy and scientific socialism during the process of building a Maoist party with collectives we feel have a solid grasp of MLM in theory and practice.

3) We seek to unite with Maoist collectives and organizations that recognize the necessity to building up leadership from the proletariat. We are keen on developing unity with Maoist collectives that seek to immerse themselves and have a strategy to participate in the struggles of the working class as a whole through labor organizing, anti-gentrification work, tenant organizing etc. We are against the rise of Red Pomo collectives, the petty bourgeois vermin which call themselves Communist but in practice are nothing more than radical liberals. In building up proletarian leadership the petty bourgeoisie is constantly made to remold their petty bourgeois outlook to a proletarianized one ideologically, which shall allow them to better serve the people and conduct good communist work as proletarian revolutionaries.

4) We seek to unite with Maoist collectivities and organizations that show a willingness to formulate into theory and put into practice proletarian feminist politics, and building Maoist leadership amongst women and LGBT people especially from the ranks of the proletariat. Without women there can be no revolution in this country or any other one and it should be the duty of any Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization to bridge any gender gaps which exist in leadership of the cadre and mass org level. We are for the ruthless criticism and active and provable rectification of patriarchal, transphobic and misogynistic practice and ideas, accountable to the masses alone and assert that they have no place within Maoist circles. We seek to build unity with Maoist collectives which uphold that this theorization of proletarian feminism is impossible without the reclamation of violence by women in practice at all levels of organizing.

5) We seek to unite with Maoist collectivities and organizations that recognize the necessity to building up Maoist leadership among the oppressed nationalities in revolutionary mass work particularly among the proletariat. We are not closed off towards white American majority formations so long as they recognize the need and are proactive in building up leadership among the oppressed nations and refrain from racial and national chauvinistic attitudes and tendencies. As such we are for the ruthless criticism and active rectification of national chauvinist and racist practice and ideas, accountable to the masses alone and assert that they have no place within Maoist circles. We seek to build unity with Maoist collectives that take seriously the national question and the democratic right for oppressed nations to self-determination.

6) We seek to unite with Maoist collectives and organizations that recognize that there are no existing socialist base areas at this current time from where we can take leadership from. That we exist in a multi-polar world where the United States is the premier imperialist power but that there are other capitalist countries seeking to compete with it on a global scale to divide the world among themselves particularly in Latin America, Asia and Africa. We also seek to unite with other Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collectivities that recognize the significance of the success of various existing People’s Wars in Peru, Turkey, India, Nepal and the Philippines and our duty to create revolution here in this nation. We are only for unity with those Maoist collectivities that maintain the Universality of Protracted People’s War, the militarization of the Party and concentric construction of the three instruments for revolution as central to the tenants of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Mao Zedong said one can only learn war by doing it, one can only learn militancy by militant acts.

7) We seek to unite with Maoist collectivities and organizations that respect the autonomy of other Maoist formations, including our own in conducting revolutionary mass work. We recognize that despite this, there should be a recognition of the prestige among the Maoist movement for work carried out by collectives with more experience and that taking the names of other organizations and copying the work of other Maoist collectives without establishing communication with is an act of arrogance and will not unite with collectives which practice this. We feel when there are line differences change must come from an open two-line struggle between collectives after all measures otherwise have been exhausted. We are for the creation of conferences and gatherings that will foster internal two line struggle between collectives to achieve theoretical and organizational unity and we are for the eventual creation of a pre-party formation and eventual Maoist Communist Party that will be born in the waging of Protracted People’s War.



3 thoughts on “The 7 Requirements”

  1. Revolution is war. It is an act of violence. It is not enough to just talk, you must be willing to fight, & to die.


  2. Good luck comrades. To those reading this and posting their thoroughly bourgeois ideology, recognize that capitalism is the greatest mass murderer of all; in fact, it might kill every one of us.


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